Our philosophy is learning through play as we offer a stimulating environment for children.

About Us

Located in the heart of Tooting.

Precious Jewels nursery educates children through an excellent learning centred program using the early learning goals.

The Nursery Environment

Our nursery environment is one that is open and free-flowing. It enables uninterrupted exploration, play and learning. Outdoor spaces are valued just as highly as formal classrooms, and the design allows children to move freely indoors and outdoors. In addition, it is important that children have free access to stimulating resources and our staff are instrumental in creating and enabling this environment for the children.

Home Corner

In our home corner children can take on roles from familiar family scenes, local community experiences and imaginative fantasies. Although this area of the room may be called the home corner, it is often transformed into a supermarket, restaurant, or a post office.

Calm Corner

The calm corner is designated with the sole intent of being a safe space for a child to go to when they feel their emotions are running too high and they need to regain their emotional and physical control. 

The overall goal of a calm down corner is to provide the child with a space in which they’ll feel safe recognising and regulating their emotions in a healthy way.

“Children can go to the calm down corner by free choice or some practitioners may like to send a child to this area as an alternative to a time out or thinking time. These areas allow children to recognise their own emotions and encourage self-regulation. Self-regulation is incredibly important for a child to accomplish so they are better able to deal with their emotions and control their behaviour. 

Children may like to use this area when they are upset, angry, tired or just feeling overwhelmed. It gives them a few short minutes to take a break and regulate their emotions before rejoining back in with their chosen activity.”


Our outside space is a great learning environment. Full of tactile learning. Children can have fun with messy play with sand and water to getting green fingered in our Natural area.


Nursery Manager

Carlos Marquez


Early Years Teacher Status

MA Education (Early Years)

CACHE Level 3 Diploma for the Children and Young People’s Workforce (QCF)

Focus On SEND – Early Years

Safeguarding Children: Child Protection Process Level 3

Qualifications and experience are really important; equally so is a warm personality, bundles of energy, enthusiasm and of course, a real commitment to childcare.

A happy team equals happy children so we take the well-being and job satisfaction of our staff very seriously.

We work together to improve and update their skills, qualifications and professional development.